Educational Videos

Watch our short educational videos to learn more about Fixed Income

What are fixed income investments?

An explanation of the different types of fixed income investments

The Key benefits of investing in fixed income

Gain insights into why you should include fixed income in your portfolio

The fundamental of bonds

Learn about the different characteristics of a bond investments

Fixed, floating or inflation linked?

Understand which bond is right for your strategy

The difference between bonds and equity

Find out what makes these two investments different

Are you a wholesale investor?

Understand whether you are a wholesale investor

The risks involved when investing in fixed income

Consider and understand the risks when investing in fixed income

Understanding the capital structure 

Learn the importance of the risk vs. return scale

The over-the-counter market

Learn about Australia's large and diverse OTC bond market

How to open an account

How to get started investing in fixed income

The life of a bond

Understand the life-cycle of a bond from issue to maturity