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Direct access to private debt opportunities. 
A$275+ million in debt funding originated and distributed.

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$20bn+ Funding Gap

$20bn+ Funding Gap

Private Debt lenders have been able to selectively fund investments without compromising credit underwriting standards to achieve excellent risk adjusted returns

Attractive Fundamentals

Attractive Fundamentals

Economic and demographic trends continue to support demand for debt by Mid-Market Corporate and Property Borrowers

Constrained Bank Appetite

Constrained Bank Appetite

Banks are increasingly rationing available capital to support existing clients.
Many high quality Borrowers are turning to Private Debt markets to fund attractive Projects and Businesses

Tightened Lending criteria

Tightened Lending criteria

Leverage, Gearing, LVR, ICR, Presales Levels and other key T&Cs more difficult to achieve Many quality Projects and Borrowers struggling to meet tightening Bank requirements

Increased Regulation


Traditional bank credit becoming less accessible and more expensive due to Regulators applying new macro-prudential levers and increased compliance and oversight

FIIG Private Debt facilitates direct investment into Mid-Market Corporate and Property credit opportunities for Investors by finding bespoke funding solutions for quality Borrowers who have an established track record


  • Direct investments of $500,000 or more into select Private Debt opportunities
  • Portfolio diversification across sectors and geographical markets to enhance risk weighted returns
  • Attractive target returns of 10.0%-20.0% IRR and regular cash paid coupons available

  • Target market: Mid-Market Corporate and Property companies with an established track record
  • Typical transaction sizes from $10m to $50m across senior, junior and mezzanine debt tranches
  • Funding diversifier which reduces reliance on bank funding and mitigates overall refinancing risk
Risk Focus

  • Capital preservation: FIIG has an exemplary record through the cycle of delivering excellent returns
  • FIIG Private Debt has robust Credit and Operational risk management frameworks in place
  • Specialist highly experienced Management Team and Investment Committee overseeing entire Private Debt: Origination, Underwriting, Approval, Syndication and Loan Management life-cycle

FIIG recent transactions


Borrower Details Withheld
Property Funds Management

May 2021
Preferred Equity Investment
IRR 12%+


ASX Listed Borrower
Receivables Management Industry

December 2020
Senior Secured Loan
IRR 20%


ASX Listed Borrower
Receivables Management Industry

September 2020
Senior Secured Loan
IRR 17%+



Borrower Details Withheld
Funds Management Industry

March 2019
Senior Secured Loan
IRR 20%+


Borrower Details Withheld
Receivables Management Industry

November 2018
Senior Secured Growth Facility
IRR 14.9%

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Daniel Jones - CFA - Associate Director - Debt Capital Markets

Daniel Jones, CFA
Head of Debt Capital Markets

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Mark Miller, Director – Debt Capital Markets

Mark Miller 

M: 0401 219 151