Managed Income Portfolio Service

FIIG’s Managed Income Portfolio Service (“MIPS”) enables wholesale investors to combine the key benefits of directly owning fixed income securities with the expertise of a professional investment management team.

Investors with a minimum of $5M can customize their Investment Mandate. Alternatively, investors can choose from our four MIPS Investment Programs, designed to appeal to a diverse range of investor appetites that encompass considerations of product preference, target return and credit risk tolerance.  

The benefits of investing with MIPS

Point 1Investment

The MIPS Portfolio Management team are experts focused entirely on creating value for investors.

Point 2Regular

Investors benefit from a regular income (coupon) stream that can either be distributed to a nominated bank account or automatically reinvested.  

Point 3Portfolio

MIPS maximises diversity through FIIG’s unique DirectBond service enabling us  to offer bonds in $10,000 parcels. A $250,000 investment will, over time, hold 25 different bonds

Point 4Direct

The bonds are held in your own name, they are not units in a trust.

How MIPS Works

To start investing in MIPS, you need to choose an investment program that works best for you. Once you have chosen your investment program, FIIG establishes an individual Funding Account and creates a portfolio of fixed income investments that meet your chosen program.

The MIPS Portfolio Management Team carefully reviews and selects each investment opportunity to make sure it’s consistent with the mandate for each program. In addition, FIIG then

  • Adjusts holdings in response to changes in markets and investment opportunities;
  • Provides custodial services; and
  • Provides compliance monitoring and supervisory oversight.

As a MIPS client, you receive:

  • Option to reinvest coupons or have them paid into your nominated account;
  • 24/7 access to individual holding information as well as portfolio performance, valuations and funding account balances; and
  • Monthly and annual statements.

Kieran Quaine - Portfolio Manager

MIPS offers wholesale investors the opportunity to earn meaningful improvements in returns and liquidity over Cash and Term Deposits through the direct ownership of a significantly diverse range of quality assets that include Australian Bank and Corporate Bonds

kieran-quaineKieran Quaine, Head of MIPS Portfolio Management

Why invest with MIPS?

Investing with MIPS provides the following benefits:

  • Receive full professional investment management, delegating the day-to-day running of your portfolio of fixed income securities to the experts.
  • Simple and direct ownership, with no structuring you have direct beneficial ownership of the portfolio of fixed income securities via your own custody account.
  • Receive regular and timely income.
  • Enjoy full transparency, with online details of your portfolio’s performance, valuations, transactions and income.
  • Make life simpler. You receive your fixed income portfolio management, administration, reporting and custody in one place.
  • Cut down on administration. FIIG receives and administers any notices and corporate actions related to your investments.
  • Benefit from diversification. Your Managed Portfolio Account will be invested in a minimum number of fixed income securities, as specified in your selected Investment Program.
  • Simple and clear fee structure.

Managed Income Portfolio Service is a truly customisable solution

  • For investment amounts less than $5 million, you’re able to invest in the available Investment Programs according to your risk appetite, targeted return hurdles, and/or broader objectives of your overall investment portfolio.
  • For investment amounts of $5 million or greater, you’re able to tailor your fixed income investment program.

FIIG's Managed Income Portfolio Service

Video: FIIG Managed Income Portfolio Service

About FIIG’s Managed Income Portfolio Service

Video: About FIIG’s Managed Income Portfolio Service

Meet your Portfolio Manager, FIIG – The Fixed Income Experts

Video: Meet your Portfolio Manager

MIPS Investment Programs

The minimum investment amount for MIPS is $250,000 for each investment program, or $5m for a Customised Investment Program.

Conservative Investment Program

Conservative Income

3.87% Gross Yield to Maturity (YTM)

Regular income with exposure to investment grade credit only.

Conservative Income invests in investment grade senior and subordinated bonds. Longer dated bonds form a key part of portfolios generating yield from credit and interest rates. The mix of holdings of fixed and floating rate bonds will shift through the interest rate cycle.  

Core Income Investment Program

Core Income

4.13% Gross Yield to Maturity (YTM)

Regular income investing in senior debt only

Portfolios are predominantly exposed to investment grade senior bonds with a small allocation to unrated bonds. Exposure is to medium to longer tenor maturity profiles, facilitating higher yield generation. The mix of holdings of fixed and floating rate bonds will shift through the interest rate cycle.

Conservative Investment Program

Income Plus

5.94% Gross Yield to Maturity (YTM)

Higher income with moderate risk

Income Plus has a broader mandate to invest across the capital structure, senior through to subordinated bonds, and across the credit spectrum to include investment and non-investment grade companies. The allocation to select non-investment grade credits based on credit strength and subordinated bonds generates portfolio yield. The credit exposure and mix of rated and unrated bonds will shift through the credit cycle.

Inflation-linked Income Investment Program

Inflation-Linked Income

4.56% Gross Yield to Maturity (YTM)

Inflation Linked invests in pure inflation-linked bonds, CIBs and ILBs, issued by governments, semis and corporates and in FRNs that are highly correlated to inflation. FRNs are included to generate excess yield via credit exposure. The exposure to longer and shorter maturity ILBs will vary through the inflation cycle.

Customised Investment Program Customised Investment Programs

For investments of $5m +

MIPS offers the ability to create a bespoke fixed income portfolio based on your key investment objectives including liquidity, credit, duration, diversification and Ethical, Social & Governance (ESG) position.

Let the experts manage your Fixed Income Portfolio

Meet the MIPS team

Mathew Simpson - ‎Head of Corporate and Middle Markets

Mathew Simpson

Head of Distribution, MIPS


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Marcus Blake - Director - Distribution, Managed Portfolios

Marcus Blake

Director - Distribution, MIPS


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Kieran Quaine

Head of MIPS Portfolio Management


Megan Romeo

Assistant Portfolio Manager


Emma Jenkin

Director - Managed Accounts


Cathal Mitchel

Product Manager

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