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The Benefits of Bonds and Fixed Income in a Balanced Portfolio 11.5 CPD hours

Fixed income provides investors with four key benefits

Predictable cashflow


Fixed income investments provide a regular income stream through coupon or interest payments.



There is a deep and active market for secondary trading of most fixed income securities in Australia. Low risk investments like Government bonds can be highly liquid and sold at short notice if needed.



Fixed income investors enjoy diversification from the two most highly cyclical asset classes - equities and property.

Capital Stability

Capital stability

Bondholders have priority over hybrid and equity holders in the event of liquidation. Assuming the issuer of a bond remains solvent, they are contractually obliged to pay back the principal value to the bondholder.

Events & webinars

Introduction to Corporate Bonds

In the current world of uncertainty and volatility, it is important for investors to be proactive and consider the potential need for a diversified portfolio that provides capital stability and reliable returns. In this webinar, we will explain the fundamentals of investing in Corporate Bonds and how it can provide balance to your existing portfolio.

Webinar - FPA accredited – 1 CPD point

Dates to be confirmed - Watch the recorded Introduction to Fixed Income presentation

Portfolio Construction

How to Build a Balanced Portfolio webinar recording

Learn why bonds are a great diversifier and can help protect your wealth and income throughout various economic cycles while providing better returns than term deposits. Register now and discover how we can work with you to put together a portfolio that balances yield, maturity and rating to achieve your requirements in conjunction with available securities.

2020 Mid-Year Credit Outlook

While markets have rebounded strongly since the lows in March and April, there remains significant uncertainty going forward. Join FIIG’s Credit Research and Investment Strategy teams for a presentation and panel discussion, as we discuss our outlook for the rest of 2020.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy webinar recording

View our recent webinar where we update clients on trading conditions and credit quality of individual issuers in light of the current financial market uncertainty and volatility.

Weekly market update

The FIIG Investment Strategy team’s weekly videos cover the latest in the Australian and global bond markets. The short videos delve into topics such as new bond issues, what FIIG clients are trading, performance, and provide views and insights on the outlook for investment markets. Subscribe to receive the Market Update video in your inbox every Monday.

Chinese Webinar

How to manage your investment in the current environment – (Mandarin)

FIIG Securities, 澳洲最大固定收益专家, 在此诚心邀请您参加线上研讨会。

  • 疫情对债券及股票市场的影响
  • 投资者的理财配置重组
  • 债券市场及其提供的新的机遇

这场线上讲座于2020 年5月20 日举办


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