Term Deposit Service

FIIG's Term Deposit Service is a premium personalised service for high net worth individuals seeking exclusive term deposit investment opportunities for deposit amounts over $1M.

What does the service offer?

FIIG has over $7B under deposit in the Australian market and can leverage their considerable scale to achieve unprecedented competition among the banks and secure special rates for individual private client deposits.

The Term Deposit Service enables Private Investors to leverage FIIG’s considerable corporate cash investor status.  You can learn more about the service we extend to both Corporate and Private Investors by viewing these videos.

  • Preferential interest rates, exclusive deals
  • Banking names you know and trust
  • Expanded range of deposit options
  • Cash remains in your name at all times
  • Leverage of a $7B investor
  • No contracts or fees
  • Minimum deposit $1M.

About the service

FIIG's Term Deposit Service has over 20 years experience and established relationships with over 80 deposit-taking institutions, all the banking names you know and trust plus the opportunity to introduce competitive rates from a much wider range of deposit options.

FIIG has over $7B under deposit in the Australian market and can leverage considerable scale to achieve unprecedented competition among the banks and secure special rates for individual client deposits. The Service is easy to use, there are no contracts or fees and FIIG is paid by the banks.  Investors deposit in their own name and have continuous direct ownership of their Term Deposit. FIIG does not have access to your funds at any time and your cash remains in your nominated bank account at all times.  Your investment remains personal and individual, it is not pooled with any other funds. 

Watch our videos on the benefits of the Term Deposit Service

Making Your Organisation's Cash Work Harder

The Power Of Reinforcement

Money Market Services Made to Measure

What do I receive?

FIIG’s Term Deposit Service provides an end to end research and facilitation service to save you time, effort and to improve your investment yield. 

The service offers extensive deposit product research undertaken on your behalf across 80 institutions to source the most ideal investment opportunity for your cash.  In addition to all the Australian banking names you know the service also provides deposit opportunities with select international banks. 

As we are in daily market contact with the banks we maintain live insight into the deposit profiles they are willing to offer a premium rate to attract. These profiles may specify deposit size, deposit duration or wholesale versus retail investor preferences. 

You will be cared for by a personal relationship manager assigned to review FIIG’s marketplace research and match it to a deposit suited your investor profile, investment duration and interest rate requirements from the point of initial investment throughout the total rolling duration of the deposit.  

We will work with you to achieve your desired investment outcomes within your risk, rating and reporting preferences while maintaining compliant investment security standards.

  • Deposit opportunities with 80 authorised deposit-taking institutions
  • A selection of international deposit opportunities
  • Live market contact, real-time rate offers
  • Depositor profile matching to ADIs
  • Rate optimisation at each rollover

Why use FIIG’s Term Deposit Service?

The service offering made to high net worth investors cannot be reproduced by individuals. 

Clients who wish to stay in touch with the market are offered access to FIIG’s research and education including credit analysis of individual institutions, and access to “The WIRE”, FIIG’s leading online fixed income publication.

  • Scale
  • 20 years of banking relationships
  • Specialist research
  • Expert facilitation of administration, compliance and reporting
  • Flexible payments, compounding and paid on maturity or paid at each rollover
  • Rate negotiation capabilities
  • MYFIIG online 24/7 reporting with CSV export option 
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