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Designed to provide a solid understanding of fixed income as an asset class, FIIG’s Professional Fixed Income Course aims to bring clients, financial advisors and planners up to date with the current products and developments in Australian fixed income markets. The extensive course also provides a comprehensive review of the dynamics of fixed income instruments.

The course covers 14 sessions which may be completed in the sequence presented (as recommended by FIIG). Alternatively, you can choose individual topics for study or review.

The Exam

Once you have successfully completed the 14 sessions, you are then able to sit an online exam consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. You will need to answer 80% of the exam questions correctly to pass. Completing the course and passing the exam will earn you 5.5 CPD points as a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

The course fee is $295 including GST.

To register for the online course, complete the online enquiry form.

There is no time limit to complete the course, allowing you time to understand the concepts and enjoy the course.

If you are unsure of any of the content or would like further assistance when completing the sessions, please call our Research Team on 1800 01 01 81 or submit an enquiry.

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