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Make fixed income the foundation of your SMSF strategy

Whether you are retired or still working, fixed income can play an important role to preserve your wealth and generate a steady income stream. Through investing in bonds and term deposits, you can enjoy a reliable income and true diversification from your equity and property investments.

Why fixed income?

Fixed income provides investors with a reliable income stream, capital stability and investment choice based on your risk appetite.

Principally about conserving capital whilst providing regular income, a diversified fixed income portfolio of corporate bonds and term deposits can provide investors with a solid portfolio foundation in line with your portfolio strategy.

Managing risk and reward

A diverse fixed income portfolio can be tailored based upon your individual risk and reward appetite. A corporate bond, bank term deposit or mixed allocation can help you achieve your portfolio’s overall risk-reward balance. 

DirectBonds Service

FIIG is Australia's largest bond specialist, committed to opening bond markets for all investors by providing access to corporate bond portfolios from as little as $10,000. This market-leading initiative allows more investors to enjoy the benefits of a fixed income foundation for the construction of a diverse and resistant SMSF portfolio.  

Our DirectBonds Service enables direct ownership of bonds so choice and control remains where it should be - with you.

Risk Vs. Return

Term Deposits

FIIG’s Term Deposit Service offers investors an opportunity to access some of the most competitive term deposit and at-call rates in Australia. Our position in the wholesale investment market allows us to negotiate with banks and financial institutions, providing rates that investors cannot access elsewhere.

Providing a known rate of return and low risk levels, term deposits are suitable for investors looking for a certain return and maturity date. 

The FIIG Client First Approach

At FIIG, we work hard to achieve the best fixed income outcomes for our clients. Our Client First Approach delivers extensive research coverage, expert knowledge of fixed income markets and priority access to the best opportunities in the market. Whether we're working with private individuals, families or institutional clients, we've structured our business and our approach to put clients first.

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