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Cash is the life force of your business. Could yours work harder?

What is optimiser

FIIG’s Money Market Optimiser is a liquidity management solution that makes the most of your organisation’s cash portfolio. Optimiser applies your unique investment criteria and matches it to optimal non-pooled deposit opportunities across 80 ADIs.

  • Optimise risk-adjusted performance –without the fees, risk or pooling of a Cash Management Trust
  • Sophisticated cash management platform – aggregate TD, At-Call, Notice Savers and NCD pricing daily
  • Performance modelling – customised to industry standard benchmarks or your own targets
  • Cash flow integration – control operational, reserve and long-term cash
  • Compliance and governance – detailed reporting to assist with compliance monitoring and management reporting

Sophisticated money market technology

FIIG Optimiser’s cash management platform puts you in control. Improve your yields and simplify compliance – while also saving time and money.

  • Expert service. FIIG's money market team will customise Optimiser’s service to your unique requirements and market position, focus on the optimal solutions and execute on your behalf.
  • Customised operational, Board and regulatory reporting. Track all your investments (including prior cash holdings) through one dashboard.
  • Continuous optimisation. Gain a cumulative improvement in cash yields.

A single view of your cash

Optimiser screen data sample

How optimiser works

FIIG Money Market Optimiser diagram - Scale, Service, Technology

Why use optimiser

High performance behind the scenes

With over 20 years’ expertise in money markets, only FIIG has the relationships and resources to improve your cash returns – in any market cycle.

  • Every basis point counts. If your cash holdings are under-managed, you might not meet your obligations.
  • Reduce the risk of inflationary erosion. Grow your capital holdings - even in a low interest rate economy.
  • Free your teams to focus on higher value work. FIIG takes care of thr daily research, negotiation and price discovery.
  • A better outcome, without disruption. Seamlessly transition to Optimiser, and bring all your external cash positions with you.
In control icon

In control – you hold the keys to your cash, and direct FIIG in line with your investment preferences.

Line of sight icon

Line of sight – discretionary control is passed to FIIG, but you have full visibility over every decision.

The freedom to manage your cash flow

Cash is a low risk investment – unless you place it in the wrong hands. We’ll design your liquidity management to match your cash flow and target duration with institutions that meet your preferences.

  • Improved liquidity management. A blended, diversified cash portfolio of money market investments.
  • Predictable income returns. One view of performance and exposure.
  • Independant guidance. FIIG is not aligned with any providers, so your portfolio puts your explicit requirements first.
  • Adheres to your investment policy. Compliance certification from an independent third party.
  • Yield maximisation: Optimiser’s functionality finds the best rate within your investible universe.

Built for diligent governance

Continuous cash optimisation requires rigorous attention to detail. Anything less creates risk.

  • Tailored to your mandate. Your portfolio is designed around your risk appetite and holding requirements.
  • On demand compliance reporting. Make sure you meet GS007, BCP and other industry-specific regulations.
  • Comprehensive audit trail. Download and track every cash transaction for pre- and post-trade compliance.

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