How To Retire With Passive Income


A guide to understanding the role bonds play in a
retirees income portfolio

  • How to retire with passive income
  • How much do you need to retire comfortably
  • Why you should consider Bonds for your retirement income
  • What are Bonds
  • What benefits Bonds offer for retirees
  • How Bond returns compare to Shares
  • Ways to invest in Corporate Bonds
  • $50,000 minimum investment

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Preserve your capital during periods of economic volatility

Corporate bonds are issued by well-established companies, like Commonwealth Bank, Woolworths, Sydney Airport, and Westpac. These names are all Investment grade rated, making them a lower-risk investment compared to the volatility of shares.

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Receive reliable income throughout the year

In retirement, you need a reliable source of income that continues to flow regardless of market highs and lows. Corporate bonds offer precisely that: a dependable and predictable stream of income. Bonds provide you with regular interest payments and the return of your principal investment at maturity.

Access your funds whenever you need them

Just like buying shares, you can trade your bonds if your situation or investment strategy changes. This can be done in parcels of $10,000 – allowing you flexibility without needing to trade everything (subject to availability).

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Invest in Bonds with the Australian leader in fixed income

At FIIG, our clients are at the centre of what we do. For over 25 years we have put our clients first by providing fixed income expertise, direct access to a wide range of fixed income products, control and transparency through industry best practice custody and reporting services. Our staff are experts, with extensive experience working in fixed income markets in Australia and overseas. We have a vast range of best-in-class educational material to assist clients as well as a dedicated team of research and strategy professionals on hand.

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