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The Benefits of Bonds and Fixed Income in a Balanced Portfolio

A comprehensive introduction to the fixed income asset class, created for you by market experts

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  • 3 month completion
  • 11.25 CPD points*
  • FIIG certified completion
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Structured over eight modules, our online course is designed to provide a good understanding of the fixed income asset class. Advisors or investors will learn to expand their investment opportunities and portfolio quality with the benefits of bonds and other fixed income products. On completion, you will earn more than half a year’s worth of continuing professional development (CPD) points, accredited by the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

*The annual requirement for financial advisors is 20 CPD points.

You will learn
  • Bond investing and trading strategies throughout the economic cycle
  • Guide to asset allocation to achieve a balanced investment portfolio 
  • Yield curve trading strategies and determinants of interest rates
  • Understanding credit ratings and creditors' priority queue in liquidation 
  • Calculating bond returns using different measures of yield
  • Step by step pricing of securities using the discount formula and RBA bond formula
  • Introduction to a variety of fixed income products, including hybrids and Residential Mortgage Backed Securities
  • APRA implementation of Basel III and its implications
  • The direct relationship between higher risk and higher return

Module 1

Session 1 - Fixed Income Essentials
Session 2 - Fixed Income and Money Market Product Descriptions
Session 3 - Features of Bonds and Market Conventions

Module 2

Session 4 - How Fixed Income Works in a Balanced Portfolio

Module 3

Session 5 - Regulators and Regulations

Module 4

Session 6 - Determinants of Interest Rates
Session 7 - Yield Curves
Session 8 - Credit Risk

Module 5

Session 9 - Floating Rate Notes
Session 10 - Hybrid Securities

Module 6

Session 11 - Duration and Modified Duration
Session 12 - Money Market Mathematics and Formulae

Module 7

Session 13 - Bond Market Indices

Module 8

Session 14 - Investment and Trading Strategies
Session 15 - Investing in Fixed Income

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