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Gieldan Capital arranges high yield debt solutions for corporate borrowers, providing private debt investment opportunities to institutional funds and professional investors. Gieldan Capital is an affiliated business of FIIG Securities and MH Carnegie.

Gieldan Capital's investment opportunities are typically offered as structured debt, high yield bonds or convertible notes, often delivering overall returns of between 10–20%  and usually scaled between $10–$50m.

Gieldan Capital addresses the under-supply of capital in non-vanilla debt markets, providing structured funding solutions for corporate borrowers whilst offering wholesale investors higher yield investment products. Supply of non-vanilla funding in Australian debt markets has failed to address growing demand. This is due to increasing capital adequacy legislation, notably Basel III, and the consequent withdrawal from parts of the market by traditional providers of debt, such as commercial banks.

Equally there is unmet demand from institutional funds, family offices and professional investors for alternative asset classes which provide higher yields than standard debt but deliver more predictable returns than equity.

Gieldan Capital brings together the unmet demand by institutional investors for new alternative asset classes and the under-supply of alternative debt to corporate borrowers.

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